dermagardenBORN IN DESEMBRE [də́:rmɑːɡɑːrdn]
Why come out Salmon even cosmetics?
Because of, The PDRN what has a salmon's DNA.
Commonly, this ingredient is PDRN same as called botox or salmon injection and this be able reduce the time to recovery of damaged skin to accelerate a re-epithelialization.

And, also,
dermagarden has a "Mucin" ingredient what consist of snail slime and this ingredient can recover to snail's shells.

and like this,
The dermagarden can be able to recover your skin with contain substantial amounts a primary ingredient and also be promote to recovery times.

icon Salmon's DNA with mucin
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    dermagarden core vital cream

    Its particular cream can be strongly pulled your skin by chewy foam as when spread, you will be amazing experience to bouncy like caught in a spider's web.

    D10097 50ml

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    dermagarden core vital ampoule x 12

    This ampoule has highly effective in damaged skin such as scar which consist of snail's slime, Additionally, It is capable of fully block to water evaporation due to form a water film by sr-Spider Polypeptide-1.

    D30550 2ml*12