We, Hyunjin,

are manufaturing all of products by ourselves
We keep to use only highest ingredients under own regulation,
positively necessary ingredientsa are manufacture by direct cultivation.

OneWhat is hempseed ?

To use a common phrase, the Cannabis bring up the image of Marijuana,
In fact, There are three types and in case of Cannabis savita is not drug but be in use for ages in order to purpose of cure in field of medicine,

In this way,
Cannabis savita is use to purpose of cure

Unlike Marijuana,
Content level of mind-bending is less than 0.3% so, it never happen to hallucination.

It's excellent ingredient to do cure of skin Hemp.
Called as Hemp

Here, Hemp has,
CBD [Canna-Bi-Diol] ingredient which is authorized as very excellent ingredient of cosmetics ingredients
contained over 20%.

Over 50 countries are now manufacturing use a Hemp and in case of Korea, the National Institute of Agricultural Sciences is doing to development and cultivation from 2001


Hempseed is,
help to various good effect on our skin.
Especially, product soothing on dry or sensitive skin and show outstanding effeciveness on acne skin by inflammation or stress and included Omega 3.6.9 , over 400 types abundant natural substance so that, it bring maximize to moisturizing.
It is able to prevent from water oil damage due to achieve role of an antioxidant


Called as Hempseed Oil which extracted from hempseed.

TwoWhy we make cosmetics used to salmon?

The PDRN [Polydeoxyribonucleotide] has very difficult scientific name which extracted DNA from salmon that familiar fish
is very important ingredient though familiar fish because, be extracted trace at salmon's retained testis.

This ingredient,
is same chemical formular with trace material in women's placenta and also, take charge of very important role as cell growth promotion effect.


this PDRN used in Botox or salmon injection which recovering damaged cell and main ingredient.


could not stop here.

In addition PDRN,
We successed in mix of 4 types plant which helpful of our skin from Centella Asiatica

This 4 types ingredients take charge of each skin type.
For example,
Madecassoside will keep to elasticity, Asiatic acid will be helpful of remaining mark on our skin Madecassic acid can give our skin to liveliness.
Trying to best to more brightning skin, and Asiaticoside is for work role of an antioxidant will provide you enough nutrition.


One more,

We need to keep moisture from evaporating which play role of moisture layer so that,able to perfect moisturing with PDRN and Centalla asiatica

That is
SR-Spider Polypeptide-1 through protein fiber made by spider can make another layer on our skin added excellent viscocity hence, this product only for moisturing increasing give you perfect moisturizing effect.