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Apply and Spread
DESEMBRE [desɑ̃gːbʀ]

It's only for home SPA.
The DESEMBRE has been living only for esthetic brand for a long time.
What used to enjoy few peoples who SPA customer...
It has meet with more peoples to help you find the option that's right for you who has respectively different skin type through 6 independent line.
Do you wish to have an amazing experience to apply a 24k gold?

GP HEMP [ɡpiːhemp]

Commonly, extracted oil by Hemp seed called Hemp seed oil.
'This oil is THC content less than 0.3% whereas,’ CBD content is over 20% also included in Omega 3 . 6 . 9 , Rich vitamin [vitamin D , vitamin A , vitamin E) give us soothing effect and more and more smoothly take care of your skin.
Additionally, included in arginine, calcium, Mg, Kalium, Zn to keep moisturizing so that, grow pure and flawless skin Enjoy unique hempseed fragrance itself.

dermagarden [də́:rmɑːɡɑːrdn]

Why we make cosmetics used by salmon?
That is PDRN that has salmon's DNA.
Botox and salmon injection is consist of PDRN.
These PDRN can shorten recovery time to damaged skin by promote re-epithelialization even difficult circumstance like heat injury.

We, Hyunjin C&T is doing

to keep premium product quality, so keep only direct produce.'

do not tested on animals.

love our planet, keep even though slow but slowly.

will be shown to various products in a calm and orderly way. image